In the demonstrator, we assume four different abstract classes of features (A,B,C,D). For each of them, completeness statements are given in levels from 0 (lowest confidence) to 4 (highest confidence).

The demonstrated scenario is set in Bolzano, Italy. For demonstration purposes, the city of Bolzano has been split into the following districts:

Over these districts, the following completeness statements are asserted:

Furthermore, there are 20 objects of classes A-D present in the database, which can be seen here: Objects (note that the upper left corner of the map has the coordinate (0:0), the lower right the coordinate (1030:560).

There are two things to adjust in the demonstrator:
1. The desired confidence level (0-4). The lower confidence chosen, the more completeness statements can be used and hence the more completeness will be derived.
2. The query. There are four predefined queries, but the query field allows the entry of arbitrary other queries.

The demonstrator can be started here (Java required):